The Middlesex Food Festival 2019 - 3rd & 4th August 2019 - Hazelwood Centre 10am - 7pm

Electricity will be available for your stand at the Food Festival. Power supplies can be provided at any capacity up to 20Kva. Please see the list below for Capacity/Price which also includes fuel charges.

6 Amps / 1.5Kva £50.00
10 Amps / 2.0Kva £60.00
16 Amps / 3.5Kva £90.00
20 Amps / 4.5Kva £110.00
32 Amps / 7Kva £155.00
64 Amps / 14Kva £290.00

The supplies will be available at your pitch when you arrive and will be supplied via a current limiting device. Please ensure that you order a sufficiently sized supply for your requirements as the supply will disconnect if you try to draw too much Power and will cause you inconvenience whilst an engineer resets your supply. If you have any difficulty calculating your power requirements please Email us and we will be happy to do the calculations for you.

The supplies at your pitch will be terminated in a socket suitable to the supply capacity you have ordered. Please see list below for details.

6 Amps / 1.5Kva Domestic 13A Socket
10 Amps / 2.0Kva Domestic 13A Socket
16 Amps / 3.5Kva Twin Domestic 13A Socket or 16A Socket
20 Amps / 4.5Kva 32A Socket
32 Amps / 7Kva 32A Socket
64 Amps / 14Kva Twin 32A Socket

We have available a variety of plug / serries adaptors and multiway sockets. If you have a particular requirement please let us know with your order.

Because this is a public event all electrically powered items used on site must have a current P.A.T test certificate and these must be available for inspection, if you do not have a certificate the P.A.T test can be done on the day at a cost of £10.00 per item. Any equipment not having a certificate will be banned from use and must be removed from site. Please note any item with a plug on it requires a certificate this includes extension leads.

Portable generators are not allowed on the site under any circumstances, it is not possible to ensure the public’s safety with many discrete portable generators being used and impossible to ensure that no electrical potentials exist between the various supplies. If you have a mobile catering unit that has a built in generator (A generator that is built into the fabric of the vehicle or trailer and is not removable) this may be use but it must be grounded. The charge for grounding your vehicle or trailer is £25.00.

Once you have been accepted to trade at The Middlesex Food Festival one of our team will send you an email with the power requirement booking form for you to fill out with all the power requirements that you require. We will also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding this.

Your power requirements need to be with us and paid in full by June 15th.

Additional power supplies will not be available on the day. Also you will not be able to increase your power supply. Please ensure that you have taken into account all your requirements when ordering.

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