The Middlesex Food Festival 2019 - 3rd & 4th August 2019 - Hazelwood Centre 10am - 7pm

Small batch artisan gin distillers from Twickenham

Twickenham Gin

We are a family of rugby playing fanatics who has enjoyed living in Twickenham for the past 25 years. As rugby fans, we set out to make historical links between rugby and gin. The brief was to ensure that it would coincide with the consistency offered by the invention of the Coffey still (now known as a column still) as well as the birth of rugby union in 1845. We hope you will like it.

Twickenham Gin

Throughout history there have been many forms of football however it was in 1845 that the Laws of Rugby Union as we know it today were first written down. We can thank the Victorians for their sense of fair play and therefore a need for rules and laws. This was also a period that saw London Dry Gin being produced in London by many of the famous gin brands still around today. London Dry is defined as a set of rules or a process style rather than a geographic style, it may be made anywhere as long as the process is adhered to. As Twickenham is proudly part of Greater London we decided to produce a London Dry style that also had it’s roots in London. The first ingredient for London Dry is 96% ABV Ethanol made from grain. This is as pure as alcohol can be made. It is watered down by us and we allow some of our botanicals to macerate over night in order to intensify the flavour. Like all gin we use the wonderful juniper berries which are hand harvested in different parts of Europe and blended by our suppliers to ensure consistency. We add coriander from Morocco for its high Linalool content which marries perfectly with Juniper providing that real gin flavour we all know and love. Our citrus notes come from lemons and limes sourced in Covent Garden Market and we select and dry them ourselves to ensure their quality. Our flavour profile is further enhanced using Orris Root and one other botanical, the secret one. Orris Root is regularly used by gin distillers to help bind the flavours together. The resultant distillate comes off our column still at a minimum of 70% ABV. Once distillation is complete nothing else is added except some demineralised water to bring it down to 50% ABV. We then let it settle to allow everything to rest and the flavour to develop. Our gin is further cut with demineralised water to our bottling strength of 40% ABV. We bottle by hand, add stoppers, labels and packaging also by hand. We hope this love, care and attention helps our gin to stand out in a mixed and explosive market.

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