The Middlesex Food Festival 2019 - 3rd & 4th August 2019 - Hazelwood Centre 10am - 7pm

sand art

  • Pitch number: TBA

All In One Events has now teamed up with a qualified and insured sand art company. With Sand art, we create products and activities that everyone can enjoy, boys and girls, toddlers and teenagers, grannies and grandads too! They will be on hand all day at our festival so go say hello and create a lovely sand art piece.

sand art

We don’t do girls toys or boys toys, we just do toys, and we are delighted to work with Let Toys be Toys to champion equality in play for everyone – even the grownups!
We also design all our craft and play activities to be suitable for people of all abilities. Sand Art is a very calm activity, and it appeals wonderfully to children with ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, or learning difficulties. The calm and repetitive nature of the sand art, coupled with the pre-cut, pre-glued sections means that anyone, regardless of physical abilities, or attention span, can create a fabulous picture. And as a parent or carer, you will also be amazed at just how much engrossed they’ll be and you can be sure that not only will they have a fabulous time with Kids Bee Happy sand art.

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